My path to here has been a winding one and I sure have enjoyed the views. After several years bouncing around in advertising (with a stint at a wine company and art gallery along the way), I decided take a different path in my career. I’ve always had a passion for health and nutrition but it grew exponentially after I became a fitness instructor. I found my purpose in helping people function with more energy, stamina, and resilience in their day to day lives. With this in mind, I decided to head back to school for an MPH in Community Nutrition as well as my MS in Clinical Nutrition. After 7 years of hard work , it all paid off and I finally got that Registered Dietitian Nutritionist licensure. With roughly 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, my true passion is working with my clients to help them heal their mind body connection.


To be honest, I didn’t go into this career to tell anyone what to eat or what not to eat. I became a nutrition counselor because I really want to empower people and help them feel better. 

Our food relationships are built upon so many different pillars that are emotional, historical, cultural and biological. When that relationship is built on false foundations (the diet industry) it can crumble us both physically and mentally.

That’s where the science of self care comes in.

I am in the business of self love and self empowerment by helping people build better, more meaningful relationships with their food, minds, and bodies. That is why I chose this path. 

If you struggle in your relationship with food and body, I hear you. Let’s try a little self care over all the other noise out there.