“I'd had one previous experience with a trainer and it was a bad one, so when I started working out with Callie over a year ago I was nervous and self conscious. I was really unhappy with my weight and was gearing up for my wedding. In no small part because of her affable demeanor, positive encouragement, patience and sensitivity, I completely embraced a consistent, healthy fitness lifestyle and diet. I would go on the lose 45 pounds, but more importantly I became more self-confident and happier with myself than I ever have before. I am proud to say that Callie is no longer just my trainer, but she is my friend. Finding her and making her a part of my life was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I strongly suggest you do the same, you won't regret it.”

  • A. Howard, Brooklyn NY

“I loved working with Callie. She’s kind, very knowledgeable, practical and supportive. I started to feel better and feel more equipped in my food choices right away and continue to everyday. Highly recommend her services!”

  • A. Westbrook, Brooklyn NY

I contacted the Callie because I wanted some guidance on eating healthier, cooking at home and having a more balanced diet. We worked together to outline a great meal plan for us that did not bog us down with counting calories but still included all of the things we like to eat. We also - and this was the most fun -- did a meal prep lesson where we prepared three different meals that were quick, easy and delicious! Seeing my normally bare fridge filled with containers of meals that I had cooked for the week was a rewarding experience. I never thought this could be done given our busy NYC lifestyle but she showed us how simple it could be. Working together showed us how to streamline the entire process so that it didn't feel like an overwhelming task. I would highly recommend working with Callie to anyone who needs a little guidance (or a lot) in creating a healthier way to eat.

  • G. Gervino, NYC NY